Misner Tools

Utilities for administrators who manage and integrate applications used for systems monitoring and service assurance


All tools are GPLv3 licensed free and open source software, mostly written in Python and hosted on GitHub at github.com/joemisner

Feel free to download and use

Data Collection Monitor Misner Splunk Tool Misner Trap Tool

Data Collection Monitor

Data Collection Monitor is a Splunk app that works alongside the Monitoring Console, giving greater visibility into the current status of data collection from Splunk Universal Forwarders, Heavy Forwarders, and other data sources. This app is a utility for Splunk administrators, which contains dashboards for performing validations before and after maintenance activities related to work performed at the data collection layer.

Latest Version: 0.4.0

Download: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/5074

Misner Splunk Tool

Connects to a Splunk Enterprise or Universal Forwarder instance via REST API, retrieving the instance's configurations, input status, apps, and other useful information for troubleshooting and analysis. This tool's intention is to grant easy access into remote Splunk instances where shell or web access may not be available, but the splunkd management port (default 8089) is accessible.

Latest Version: 2020.02.01

Download: https://github.com/joemisner/misnersplunktool/releases/latest

Project Page: https://github.com/joemisner/misnersplunktool

Misner Trap Tool

Graphically builds and sends SNMP notifications to a remote SNMP manager, including Traps and InformRequests. Allows saving of traps for future use, as well as building snmptrap arguments for sending from a remote system. Supports SNMP versions 1, 2c, and 3.

Latest Version: 2017.05.10

Download: https://github.com/joemisner/misnertraptool/releases/latest

Project Page: https://github.com/joemisner/misnertraptool